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This means you need to engage and hold your reader’s interest quickly.

One way to do so is to get all your key points upfront.

She loves learning about other cultures, and enjoyed the dynamism she experienced in her recent stint in Asia.

In her efforts to embed herself in different environments, she’s learned to speak French and Italian well and a multitude of other languages poorly.

Prior to joining IDEO, Amy served as a strategy consultant for Marakon Associates in London and a digital designer for Hewlett-Packard in the Silicon Valley.

She also worked as a product designer and marketeer in four technology startups in Silicon Valley and London.

The dating profiles that engaged me were the ones written in everyday language using clear, precise expressions. Be economical with words, don’t waffle, be positive, and focus on the needs of your reader.

Adopt the same style when writing a webpage or other marketing material. On a dating site, successful profiles usually have a strong call-to-action. For over a decade Flying Solo has provided stacks of free resources thanks to the support of our sponsors.

Their eyes flit impatiently over the page seeking points of interest, with a finger poised over the mouse ready to click on.

What you won't learn from my bio: I studied the Argentine tango, spent time in Buenos Aires perfecting it, and performed in a show.

The remains of that passion are beautiful shoes that decorate my shelves.

Joined IDEO: 2010Amy Bonsall is Senior Design Director at IDEO's Palo Alto studio.

She helps clients and design teams approach innovation from a holistic, go-to-market perspective, using business design to bring new ventures successfully to market.

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Amy also manages client relationships and oversees project content in diverse industries, from digital entrepreneurship to financial services to healthcare.