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Yes, you will have to chat a little to get everyone in the room going, but the less chat directed at any individual person, the better!Acknowledging every new guest when they first enter your chat room is also very important, and it will make them hang around for more.One of the best ways to control customers is to not give anyone in free chat too much individual attention.Comments to the group as a whole should have a very subtle message, "If you want my individual attention, buy a private show to get it".Recomendamos que todos os nossos usuários optem pela versão Flash do bate-papo (atualmente em uso).

Rebecca Gilbert (4/29/2011 PM): im bisexual, i love to lick pussy and i love to suck dick Me (4/29/2011 PM): So when comes the link to your website where viewers have to pay?

Click the picture below to read the chat log in full size.

Note how the girl keeps repeating the same standard phrases that she clearly has cached somewhere. (Good thing, I was about to give up when she finally cracked) Transcription: Rebecca Gilbert (4/29/2011 PM): hey u there?

Você também pode bloquear o Flash pressionando no ícone do "quebra-cabeça" no canto superior direito do seu navegador.

Você está atualmente usando a versão Flash do bate-papo: ela é completa e otimizada.

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Rebecca Gilbert (4/29/2011 PM): have you ever used My Random Cam?

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