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Ussian orthodox views about dating

How do their beliefs differ from the rest of Christianity?

Can they differ in beliefs and still claim to hold to the truth?

The type of food and activity may vary depending on the country’s culture and traditions.

Originally Orthodox Christianity referred to doctrines that were believed and taught by the early and original church and generally accepted by all Christians.

After 1054 in what was called the Great Schism, the church split into two camps; one was considered the universal or Catholic Church (the word catholic means “universal”) and the other was considered the Orthodox Church.

We even have differences within the Orthodox Church and the non-orthodox churches but most hold to the same essentials; the divinity of Christ, the sinlessness of Jesus, the sinfulness of man, Jesus’ atoning work at Calvary, His death, burial, and resurrection as a historical fact, and that believers will receive eternal life at death or at Christ’s return, whichever comes first.

We must embrace those who differ from us because God does not want us divided over non-essentials but united in Christ for we are all one Body of Believers and there are Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant believers who will be in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Orthodox Christianity and Christianity in general believe in the Oneness of God yet in Three Persons but their goals are slightly different.