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Updating moodle

Doing this will also make courses clearer for students’ viewing!Watch how activity completion enhancements work in Moodle 3.3 through our step by step guide below: Activity completion improvements November 15, 2017 As mentioned, Moodle 3.4 has focused heavily on enhancing user experience to make sure our users are able to navigate and use all of Moodle’s tools easier and faster.Bulk update activity completion settings The second tab that teachers can now see in their “Course completion” page is the “bulk edit activity completion” link.This tab will allow teachers to make changes to multiple course activities.May 18, 2017 New to Moodle 3.3 is the ability for teachers to have more control of and update activity completion settings faster!Activity completion enhancements in Moodle 3.3 will now provide teachers with the options of either: Let’s explore how both options work in this new feature in Moodle 3.3: Change default completion settings Now in Moodle 3.3 when teachers have course completion enabled and go to the “Course completion” link, they will see two new tabs.UTF-8 I looked at my tables in Mysql, they are all in utf8_unicode_ci, except mvpm3_properties - which is Hi there.I am sorry I can't help you withall of this as I am not a technical person but in relation to 2 and 3 and the file, then often this isn't a file that you have access to as a regular user of a webhosting package - you might need to ask your webhosts for this.

Note also, if you haven't done so already, turning on debugging ( will give you much more helpful error messages.Even though the table sturcture (the "inside") is UTF-8, the table iteself needs to be changed to clear the error. There you should see a drop down to change the collation from Latin to UTF-8.I needed to do this to several tables to upgrade successfully.I added user to table mdl_cohort_members and in cohort i can see that i have 2 users. When I want to check It in enroll method in course setting i see that I can see that 1 student is missing.

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The first tab is the “default activity completion,” which will allow teachers to change the default settings for activity completion for all activities.

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