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Updating mangos

-Doesn't look like much, but the mail option was very needed. Note: -No need to Delete your WTF Folder, I will change the addon name to the current version from this point forward. Thanks Chillu ------------------------------------------------- Changelog - 1.0.6 - Revision 275 ------------------------------------------------- Main Changes: -Fixed a bug with the Search Item button. -Fixed Whisper on and Whisper off, was looking for a non-existent text box. -Fixed Ban Acct, non-existant function -Fixed Ban All, You must have IP entered aswell. -Added separate Boxes for Character and Accounts in the Ban Stick Window. Thanks Chillu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I see a lot of functionality, but a bunch of buttons don't seem to work.Thanks Chillu ------------------------------------------------- Changelog - 1.0.7 - Revision 290 ------------------------------------------------- Main Changes: -Added a Close Ticket Button to the Ticket Menu. Seem to do nothing at all: Announce Name Announce GM Announce Returns incorrect value, use on or off: Whisper on Whisper off Ticket Menu: "View name" appears case sensitive, which is just annoying "Delete ticket" not allowed without first closing the ticket, but there's no button for closing a ticket.New introductions to Dota 2 hero roster have always been unpredictable — most of the time the heroes on release were either obnoxiously overpowered or very weak and 7.07 isn’t a complete exception to this rule.It’s closing in on a week after the release of patch 7.07— sweeping buffs and nerfs, talent reworks, and two new heroes.A week following 7.07, Valve has introduced tweaks and adjustments to the game's balance with 7.07b, nerfing popular and successful heroes, alongside buffs for the weak.North-American organizations Complexity Gaming and Optic Gaming have both received investments from traditional sports teams and investors. Dota 7.07 introduced two new heroes and they’ve been around for almost a week now, giving us some ground for discussion and statistics to back it up.

While for the majority of heroes there is usually a single lane and position that works best for them, it doesn’t mean there can’t be situations where going out of the box would be more beneficial for the team.However as posted by ducky69247 the whisper feature is broken, whisper off works but whisper on is "incorrect syntax".Also the notes button gives a broken error on the first click, after that no errors but if it was intended to write notes i'm not able to.And is it possible perhaps, to be able to drag the main window around? Cuz I fixed the Whisper problem already, aswell as the GM Badge was looking for the wrong text box, I will add a Close Ticket button, I saw that aswell.I'm a big fan of both right hand side action bars, and of course they take up all the space over top of the addon. Actually I may just convert the Delete Ticket to save you guys the hassle of deleting your WTF folder.

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