Updating ccr information

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package 142820 nov/29/2005 4 web-proxy-2.9.8package 377837 nov/29/2005 5 wireless-2.9.8package 534052 nov/29/2005 6 routerboard-2.9.8package 192628 nov/29/2005 7 system-2.9.8package 5826498 nov/29/2005 Router OS version 6 has new auto upgrade option.

You might get an issue, 2router will go to reboot before packages are uploaded to the 3router.The process is easy and fast, and will save you trips to our download page, and use of FTP utilities.Upgrade button in Quick Set: Upgrade button in the Packages menu: After clicking the Upgrade button, Changelog is shown: By clicking "Download & Upgrade", downloads will start, and router will reboot.From the Menu, select Family Assistance, then Update Family Income Estimate.This will take you to a page that will show your current income estimate.

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If your income has gone down, you need to tell us why. It’s very important that you read through the changes and make sure everything is correct.

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