Teachers dating teachers uk

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'Appropriate sanctions' She said: "If a teacher has a relationship with a pupil at the school at which they teach, it could be an 18-year-old pupil in sixth form, then that teacher can be prosecuted and end up on the sex offenders register."Clearly there have to be appropriate disciplinary sanctions in the school where a teacher works to make sure that inappropriate relationships don't develop.

Chances are that they will be clever in at least one area.

Since 1991, 129 teachers have been prosecuted for relationships with pupils but a Sheffield University study suggested as many as 1,500 intimate relationships develop every year.

NSPCC policy advisor Zoe Hilton said: "The law is very clear that if a teacher abuses his or her position by forming a sexual relationship with a pupil they could be prosecuted and this remains the case even if the child gives their consent.

"The law is, quite rightly, there to protect children." To Sir With Love: Tonight will be broadcast on ITV1 at 2000 BST on 6 October.

Also, in general, do you find something quite repulsive about a teacher getting involved with a former student, or do you believe it's totally benign?

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She then visited the boy – six years her junior – during his second week at university and had sex with him there.