Stories dating in diapers

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In that space, they not only don't HAVE to be in charge and constantly perfect and 'together'... I, myself, do not enjoy this particular fetish, but I do have some simple understanding of the motivators involved.

Unless a man has to wear diapers for medical purposes,then the thought of it creeps me out.

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That is a fetish and means that person must then find a partner willing to do what they need. If they like it then so what let em enjoy their fun. Us guys should encourage as many other men to become gay as we can.Not always, but there are a few cases in which mental illness was the cause of this particular fetish, and in these cases, it's referred to as "regression"- the person regresses into their most needy state. I still dont understand how that is remotely sexual, if it is.... I truly believe ppl with weird fetishes,have them for a reason.I also appreciate that my lack of understanding or empathy does not limit anybody elses enjoyment of something - whatever it does for them. All I can offer is that it's:1) a degradation fetish- messing yourself in front of someone you know... Many have been sexually abused as a child,etc........Not my cup of tea,but if a man finds a woman who finds this behaviour appealing,then all the power to him.everyone has all kinds of different kinks, and i have heard of this one while doing some research on the bdsm lifestyle. I can't say i would love it, but given the right circumstances i may experiment with it for a so. But whatever they want from other people, MUST love, MUST take charge, etc......Yes sure, but infatilism sounds like 'killing' something. can anyone tell me if this is or isnt a sexual thing?

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I could never do something like that because I'd look and feel really stupid.

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