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Sexy chat with mother

My slave brought the food to the table and undressed (only I am allowed to wear clothes to the dinner table). I felt his warm breathe upon my body starting at my neck, moving slowly to my tits. However, it was a 5 course meal and I knew he was working hard on it so I let that slide. In the middle of the night I awoke from a pleasant dream, by a pair of soft hands of my young son caressing my big swollen double D titties.

He neatly folded his apron, shirt, pants and underwear and placed them on his clothing stool. I could feel him make his way down to my belly button. No matter who was around he would climb onto Mommy’s lap and squeeze my big tits, until I pulled one out and let him suck the milk dry. From pampers to pull-ups through potty training and his first day of school he’s always been “Mommy’s little man”. My mom and her new live-in boyfriend were sure to flip out on me. You’ve been a bad girl at school and you need to show me what exactly you were caught doing today. That's why fetish phone sex is perfect for all of you adult babies and I'm the perfect phone sex Mommy/Babysitter to explore your AB/DL fantasies! I had no clue what punishment would be waiting for me at home. As I put my hand on the doorknob to leave, he said, “You’re not going anywhere, young lady. Having a sexual craving for something like diapers isn't always something you can share with just anyone. I see that your little cock is growing bigger and harder already. Who would have known such a pathetic little slave would have such viable sperm. It was dinner time and james (My slave), didn’t have dinner ready in time for Me. Well mommy doesn't have any pubes so where did these come from? I know you're so anxious to get that diaper against your smooth little ass but you must be patient! That is what I get for letting My sissy panty boy slut of a boyfriend cum inside of Me. This is a story about the first time I made My sub drink from My fat MILF milk filled breasts.

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