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Finally, every finished batch is tested again for microbial adulteration, thus assuring that every batch meets the highest purity standards.First Priority maintains a robust hazard analysis program that reviews the potential for risks associated with each manufacturer of ingredients following NSF guidelines.Since every raw material has a unique microbial or environmental adulteration hazard, each material has a predetermined testing protocol suited to its own risk level.

Due to FDA GMP guidelines Priority One continues to update our labels in compliance with these laws.Our labels are absolutely up to date and are fully disclosed as to FDA GMP guidelines.Since we source our own ingredients, each ingredient suppliers have to pass our rigorous hazard analysis program and mitigations, all ingredients are tested individually in our in house laboratory as well as our third party laboratory, our products are manufactured in house, and each label is done specifically for each lot number and run this gives you complete confidence in our Priority One line.Each label is made specifically for each lot number or product run so that you have full confidence if it is the product it will be listed on the label. Due to ingredient sourcing a component of an ingredient may have soy in a minute or small amount.This is not Priority One adding soy to a formulaton, this is coming for the raw ingredient supplier and an individual ingredient may have been sourced from a soy based component.

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This is due to space requirements in the one capsule.

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