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He’s much better now but will still have a go at me about the photos. Your partner's previous experiences helped form who he is and presumably you find who he is appealing.

I'm trying to imagine the Dumpster event you organized that was supposed to consume all evidence that he even had an ex.

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. I'm also absolutely mortified about possibly discussing this with her.

I have no problem with her doing that, but it makes me uncomfortable that she does it while I'm in the room.

She hasn't shared his real name, unfortunately, so we are unable to alert anyone.

In the office, it is common that we throw the mom-to-be a shower, however we are all in agreement that we disagree with this relationship. A: She's going to have the baby whether or not you throw the shower, so forgoing a shower for her is not going to persuade her that she is making a terrible mistake.

I couldn't imagine bringing a child into our chaotic, sometimes unhappy new world.I've been reminded of how we've survived the past few months: together, as a united family. (This is the letter writer from last week who now has full custody of her stepchildren because their mother died suddenly.She discovered she was pregnant—hadn't told her husband—and was considering an abortion because of all the turmoil the family was under.) You're right, we do live in a world that sometimes feels like it's all chaos and unhappiness, and you know it's also one of incredible beauty and joy. There wouldn't be any people if children were only conceived who were guaranteed to come into the perfect situation.You are not entitled to go through his memorabilia and edit it to suit your insecurities.You don't say that he disappears for hours and you find him obsessively poring over photos of his exes, so I will assume you are not objecting to some style obsession with his past.

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You are obviously a deeply caring stepmother, so just continue to be a stable, loving presence for your stepchildren. Love Letters: After four years with my partner, he tells me that he has some love letters from his teens, and he wants me to send them to him. I was very angry about these letters and he said they are his memories and he wants to keep them.

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