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Validate Help Hi, I have a login web control which appears on quite a few other pages which has validation rules which I would like to keep separate from the validation rules on the pages it appears.

I have specified all the controls on the login web control as a Validation Group however this still causes errors on the new registeration page which uses: Page. I was advised that the only way round this would be to either specify all the other controls into individual validation groups and as it would be time consuming doing this manually perhaps a foreach statement could help with this, can an...validating validation controls using javascript I need to validate multiple validation groups(a normal group would consist of Required Field Validators, Regular Expression Validators, Validation Summary, etc) using javascript.

that the validation tool provided by Mozilla is unreliable and difficult to use.

Today the company announces that the old Python-based validator ...

so partial validation on submit of each section is occuring perfectly. Validate("my Group") The custom validators in the validation group my Group are not validated, i.e. Is Valid returns true even if the validator failed on page submit. Validate("Tools Implementation"); foreach (IValidator validator in this. Hello guys, When I created a function to do custom validation I tried to use Regular Expression Validator. My code: 1 protected void Evaluate New Gate Way(object source, Server Validate Event Args args) 2 { 3 if (ch Box New GW. Validator Callout server-side validation The toolkit demo says this:" The callouts do not currently display automatically after a server post-back and will only work for custom validators which utilize client-side validation.

The function for the custom validator has 'handles cusval.servervalidate' on it and the html also has 'on Server Validate=function'. How to force client-side validation with a custom validator Hello, I am using a custom validator to validate a hiddenfield. when the page is validated it checks to ensure that the hiddenfield has an appropriate value.

However, I am now trying to get clientside validation to work with the custom validator.

Because the validator is validating a hidden field, I cannot set the hiddenfield in the Control To Validate property.

Is there a way to force client-side validation of a custom validator in javascript?

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