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Nick Lachey Vanessa Milano An eyewitness was stunned to get a closer look: Nick, 32, was canoodling with Ca Cee Cobb, 27, personal assistant and longtime best friend of Nick's ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, the magazine will report. LP writes in from Vegas to say that the Nick and Ca Cee Corn Cobb pics do indeed seem to be real. ]-best-friend Cacee Cobb were seen hooking up at Level 3 Nightclub in LA on January 29. They both have been seen recently at the nightclub in Los Angeles 'Shag'. Ca Cee's still really close with Nick and adores him Once she gave notice, Cobb, 28, didn’t waste time before catching up with her boss’ ex, Nick Lachey.

Image and video hosting by Tiny Pic Image and video hosting by Tiny Pic Image and video hosting by Tiny Pic. She asked the other day for a checkbook, and I looked at her like she was kidding, her assistant and friend Ca Cee Cobb tells W.Nick Lachey and her best buddy Ca Cee Cobb have been rumored to be dating from .Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's best friend and personal assistant Ca Cee Cobb .Lachey, who has recently been linked romantically to former beauty queen Lizzie Arnold, has now been spotted in the arms of Cacee Cobb, according to US magazine Life Style. She used to be Jessica Simpson’s best friend and assistant before she was rumored to have had sex with Nick Lachey last month Fashion Monitor Toronto, Canada - May 11, 2006 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are reportedly fighting over who will get ownership of their luxury condo in Las Vegas. Former PA Ca Cee Cobb Tells Jessica Simpson To Take A .In its new issue, the publication claims the couple was . Nick Lachey Lyrics Talk about the ultimate slap in the face!


It all began innocent enough, reportedly it was a typical evening . Cacee Cobb And Nick Lachey First, there was the awkwardness of Papa Joe and Ashlee Simpson being there, though they all avoided each other all night. Ashlee Simpson (one who isn't retarded), John Mayer, Cacee Cobb, Dane Cook, Rachey Ray, The rest of Simple Plan, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, The rest of Nickleback for our lovely Chad, Audioslave, Luke Wilson, Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill, .

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