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And you can compare it to second Black Stork nest in South of Latvia, if the wish for that appears.

Ten years ago, many of us met, for the first time, as we watched the Black Stork pair Donna and Tooni.

They were required to adhere to the same standards as journalism.

None of the various visitors in 2015 (among them a Ural Owl) wanted to stay and Tiina waited again in vain for a partner arriving.We got the news that our eagle men in Estonia have found a new nest and worked over the last days to get a camera fixed and a stream going from there.We still wait for more information about the nest and maybe some pictures of the installation work.In 2012 Estonian film celebrated its 100th anniversary.Photographer Johannes Pääsuke, who wandered across Estonia taking pictures of farm workers, purchased a film camera in 1912 and used it to record Utoshkin, a stunt pilot who was performing over Tartu in the province of Livonia.

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All I have heard so far that it is a " Android[/b]: rtsp://1.138/live/must-toonekurgi Phone/i Pad[/b]: you are, or want to be a storkaholic, please join us on the Black Stork forum.

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