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You obviously have seen many things because you have so much experience. I tell people to learn from you because you’re the bomb.My songwriters are recording records right now about my insights from you!! (Recording Artist) "I just read your ‘Trust Speech’ and I must say that I owe you an apology for ever doubting your expertise. I don’t think that I will ever doubt you again and please forgive me.You really have sound advice and I think that I have found a new god. (Factory Worker) "I just couldn’t get over the hurt of my divorce.Sometimes, I feel like the people who give advice don’t have a clue what they are talking about, yet still, they don’t hesitate to offer up some useless BS! I am glad I could show you that I’m living proof of your work! All I have to say is “Wow” and thanks for the insightful reading. (CPA) "You are upsetting men’s apple carts by forcing them to realize they sometimes act from their animal instincts, which is hard for them to accept.Anyway, I will suggest your book as mandatory reading to as many guys as I can tell. (Truck Driver) "You have given me confidence in myself I didn’t realize I had. (Behavioral Health Care) "Since most women either don’t know what they want, don’t tell you what they want, or can’t articulate it, I can’t tell you what good fortune it was to discover you. (Photojournalist) "I love your toaster analogy: “Are you plugging in the vacuum and expecting the toaster to work? (University Psychology Dept.) "DT, as a woman providing Dating Tips for Men, you have shown men how to really connect with a woman. You shed a lot of light on issues I was not able to absorb or comprehend until now. Even though we are animals and are genetically predisposed to behave the way we do, you point out the conflict occurs when our higher level thinking opposes our instincts.

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