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Datingforce com

It is draining on her to be around closed people, especially inhibited men.

FNG is conscious and educated about this and requires a man that knows this to some extent and is excited to learn more of this with her.

The modern woman is often revealed to be a mix of New Age self-improvement philosophy, bits and pieces of a fractured sense of feminism left over from our mothers’ generation, an undercurrent of bitterness over realizing that Disney dreams are a fraud, and an ever-increasing capacity to take care of ourselves without a man, that is both empowering and crippling. You must agree within yourself that you will meet her ever-changing weather pattern as it shifts and flows.

no, no, you embrace challenge of the learning curve that will allow you to ride the wave that is her raw wildness.

Make no mistake, a FNG will ONLY consider a man that seeks consciousness around his role in her life and is pro-active about defining her place in his.

This can be done the outdated and diseased way, by giving her a sense of her status with you through tokens.

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You know, things like adopting a puppy together, sharing keys to each other’s apartments, getting a ring on her finger, going house-hunting, having a baby….