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Dating vw parts

The alpha character is the year where: 1949=H*, 1950=I*, 1951=J, 1952=K, 1953=L, 1954=M, 1955=N, 1956=P, 1957=S, 1958=T, 1959=U, 1960=V, 1961=W, 1962=X, 1963=Z, 1964=A, 1965-B, 1966=C, 1967=D O, Q, R, and Y were not used. The second character is the year, where: 1949=A, 1950=B, 1951=C, 1952=D, 1953=E, 1954=F, 1955=G, 1956=H, 1957=J, 1958=K, 1959=L, 1960=M, 1961=N, 1962=P, 1963=Q, 1964=R, 1965=S, 1966=T, 1967=U I and O were not used. SWF semaphores are date-coded on the steel pivot arm, the part that the arm and lens are screwed to.More semaphore information ====================================== Parts are stamped with two sets of numbers; year (last one or two digits) followed by month (also last one or two digits).| Advertise | Donate | Premium Membership | Privacy/Terms of Use | Contact Us | Site Map Copyright © 1996-2016, Everett Barnes. Please note: This website requires Flash and Java Script to enjoy the full function range.General Conditions: All new Volkswagen passenger cars purchased from an Authorised Retailer in the United Kingdom qualify for a 3 year vehicle warranty consisting of a 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty and a 3rd year warranty with a 60,000 mile limitation.This warranty will terminate three years from the date of original registration or at 60,000 miles, whichever is soonest.The first 1 or 2 digits are the month, 1 through 12. I was not used as they are too similar to the month digits. For 1970-79, Bosch continued using a 3-digit numbering scheme but the months were numbered 21-32.For 1945-1963, O was also not used for the reason above. In addition, 33-36 were used for the 4 quarterly periods.

1951 and later parts are stamped with a sequence consisting of 1 alpha character and 2 numeric digits. The first character is the month, A-M, I is not used.Please allow at least 2 business days between now and your appointment date.Due to appointments which have already been booked we cannot guarantee the date and time that you select but we will do our best to accommodate your request.Once the three-year warranty has expired, you can purchase a further approved warranty for additional years and higher mileages.Factory extended warranty is available if ordered at point of vehicle purchase.

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what does a 3Y stands for on a Bosch 343 distributor? The housing is in poor condition, I never had a D regulator with that kind of pitting on the housing ! I've bin told that these regulators where used in a Radio car ?????? It appears to have a condenser (capacitor) attached to the circuit breaker contact bus. It has the larger tab on the ground bus that my 7F does not. I have a reg that was on an engine that was left exposed to the elements for probably 20 years.

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