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Courtship dating songmeanings

Still, I find myself sitting here, heart palpitating, muscles agitated, fingers itching to sort.I mean surely, it wouldn't hurt the installation too much if I separated each .Today I went with some friends to see Babes in Toyland at the Kimmel Center.The show was fun - full of music and wacky hi-jinks as holiday shows should be. I am, however, troubled, dear friend, by the way they got there.My personal library is broken down by fiction and non-fiction, then into categories (biography, history, children's, genre fiction), then alphabetically by author and series. I realize that there are many schools of thought regarding the proper classification and categorization of books, but I really can't get my head around this: I am, right now, resisting the urge to rush to the airport, fly to San Francisco and start rearranging those books.Honestly - I don't know why I find this so upsetting. I find mimes distasteful and "human statues" creepy - and yet I have a nigh-undeniable compulsion to lay hands on actual statues - especially stone ones?Center City Philadelphia's streets are close to teeming with horseties, and tiny statuettes flanking doorways like sleepy guards; if I pass within arms-breadth of them, I splay my fingers out so I can brush them as I walk, fingertips connecting with their cool roughness.

When I came in she was saying to an elderly gentleman and a younger woman that if they went to a particular vacation spot, they "really had to try the white water rafting.I'm not complaining, of course, far from it (although I am giddy from lack of a full night's sleep and my laundry and other chores are weeping from neglect).I've come to terms with the fact that, as an adult faced with the choice of either (a) taking care of my responsibilities or (b) do something fun, I am going to choose the fun.This is what makes me a a rambunctious and erractic dinner guest, as well as a terrible role-model for boring children.This wild-and-crazy life style means two things: All is not lost however, as I did have time to find the Monday Morning Quiz, and I know that's all you lot come around here for anyway. I'm not giving up my fun for anybody - so unless you want to arrange things financially so that I no longer need to work, you're just gonna have to take what you can get). I need to have a nice, long nap...Toyland, that is.

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Or maybe, just maybe, I should really get out with real live people more.

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