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However, some cities’ singles should use more caution than others.

But the STD rate in Riverside is 7,965 per 100,000 residents, which equates to nearly 8% of the population.

She commissions “the next Martin Score-ceez” to shoot her profile and gets introduced to men through a video montage.

There’s a turtleneck-clad Billy Corgan-lookalike craving someone “willing to experiment”; a man who says he’s “very, very, very lonely”; and a guy who slowly pokes a needle through a balloon to demonstrate the delicate nature of love.

Along with having the top safety score, San Antonio also ranked number one for the fewest STD cases per capita.

It only saw fifty-five cases per 100,000 residents.

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Knoxville’s violent crime rate is in the middle of the pack, but, much like Orlando, the STD rates are the biggest reason Knoxville is so dangerous for online dating.

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