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Assertive or accommodating

That’s good communication if it results in satisfactory compromises. Look for or devise ways of sharpening your assertiveness skills.Another technique to try when confronting especially difficult situations or people is called the . Examples: Ask a friend to lend you a piece of clothing, a record album or a book.Psychologists call that as distinguished from being unassertive (weak, passive, compliant, self-sacrificing) or aggressive (self-centered, inconsiderate, hostile, arrogantly demanding).Because some people want to be “nice” and “not cause trouble,” they “suffer in silence,” “turn the other cheek,” and assume nothing can be done to change their situation.Most assertiveness trainers recommend that an effective assertive response contain several parts: See specific examples of situations, assertive responses and poor responses.3. Using the responses you have just developed, role-play the problem situations with a friend or, if that isn’t possible, simply imagine interacting assertively.Start with real life but easy to handle situations and work up to more challenging ones expected in the future.Since the 2016 election season is in full swing, you might want to brace yourself for some conflict with family, friends, and your TV screen during debates.

Nothing will change until the victim recognizes his/her rights are being denied and he/she decides to correct the situation.Research into assertiveness has suggested several kinds of behavior are involved: There are four basic steps that can help you become more assertive in your every day interactions with others.1.Realize where changes are needed and believe in your rights.These instances may be used to deny we are unassertive in any way.However, many of us are weak in some ways — we can’t say “no” to a friend asking a favor, we can’t give or take a compliment, we let a spouse or children control our lives, we won’t speak up in class or disagree with others in a meeting and so on. One may need to deal with the anxiety associated with changing, to reconcile the conflicts within your value system, to assess the repercussions of being assertive, and to prepare others for the changes they will see in your behavior or attitude.

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The rest of us appreciate pleasant, accommodating people but whenever a nice person permits a greedy, dominant person to take advantage of him/her, the passive person is not only cheating him/herself but also reinforcing unfair, self-centered behavior in the aggressive person.

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